First Jama Masjid In Hub Balochistan

Balochistan is the largest but least populated region of Pakistan. In Balochistan's district of Lasbela we find the tehsil of Hub.

The foundation came to know that the momineens of Hub were facing difficulties in performing their religious obligations as there was no Jama Masjid their area, where they could conveniently carry out their duties towards Allah Subhan Wa Ta'allah. The foundation then decided to solve the problem of the momineens and construct a Jama Masjid in the vicinity.

A plot was purchased by the foundation and construction of the masjid was done. A masjid in comparison to hundred masajid was built for the momineens. The construction of the Masjid has made the lives of the people of Hub much easier, as they can freely carry on their religious obligations without any hurdles.

Apart from the Masjid a house beside the masjid was purchased and built for the Imam e Jammat. Also two plots have been brought near the masjid for further construction or extension in future. The foundation hopes to further work in this dimension and accomplish set goals.

Alhikma Map