Madressah Imam Jaffer e Sadiq A.S

Skardu is one of the main towns of Baltistan, Pakistan. Al Hikma foundation upon a survey of the area found the need of constructing a madressah for the children of momineens.

The foundation considering this as its responsibility set foot in this mission and constructed a madressah by the name of Al Imam Sadiq A.S madressah.

The construction of the madressah is a big achievement for the foundation, which became possible through the blessings of Allah Subhan WA Tallah and Ahlul Bayt.

Al Imam Sadiq A.S madressah is now operating and facilitating 300 girls and 250 boys. The faculty of the madressah consists of fourteen mualims mainly two maulanas and twelve mualimas. There is also a watchman and a cleaner.

The madressah at present is working under the supervision of Al Hikma Foundation. The foundation has great visions for the growth and expansion of the madressah and plans to work further for this cause.

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