The health and treatment issue in Paksitan is very obivious where the country's need for health centres can not be denied and its most noticed in rural and deprived areas. One of these areas in Baltistan in which a number of Shia victim falling are seen. Especially in cases related to delivery where a lot of Mothers and babies face death. So to increase the activities of comfort and treatment we tried to build an equipped centre and hospital named Imam Zain-ul-Abideen (A.S) in Baltistan.

The hospital is a section of Jaead-ulAiemah Society measuring (1000 msq), in Sundus which was welcomed by the Shias. For more this land was presented as a gift to his highness Syed Hakim by the people of this area. This hospital consists of many department, for example X-Ray, department, Common treatment for men and women department or section, and small operation section and as well as laboratory. Delivery section is also one of the hospital's section. Which is tha most needed and is considered exceptional from other hospitals.

Alhikma Map