Al Hikma Medical

Al-Hikma health and insurance foundation in Karachi

The Health issue have become international and its necessity is sure in cities that are in the process of development specially country of Pakistan and on this base we presented to lessen these problem in this issue. Since Karachi is considered one of the most populated city in Pakistan living number of shias and has an increased number of educational school as well and in lives a lot of Ulamah, Imam Juma'a and Jamah, students and their families hats why we considered it is the right place to institute medical foundation that has insurance.

On the other side the multiple groups and religions not having the required capability to fulfill the people's health and medical needs forced each group/party to offer helps in this issue to their followers only. This way the shias of this country are offered very limited service to them. Which forced us to move due to the lack of a party or foundation for health and medical which take the responsibility of ulamah's and Islamic students requirements.

On this base we instituted a foundation named (Al-Hikma Foundation for treatment) which opened on 27th of Rajab the day of Prophet's to cover the religious teacher's and student's, their families need in Karachi.

The foundation's first accomplishment was to accept (1000) members from Imam Jama'ah and Jam'at, Preachers, teachers and students. And to present the above mentioned necessities we made a pharmacy named (Al-Hikma medicals) under the supervision of the foundation so that its members can use the medicine for free.

Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen Hospital in Sundus (Skardu)

The health and treatment issue in Paksitan is very obivious where the country's need for health centres can not be denied and its most noticed in rural and deprived areas. One of these areas in Baltistan in which a number of Shia victim falling are seen. Especially in cases related to delivery where a lot of Mothers and babies face death. So to increase the activities of comfort and treatment we tried to build an equipped centre and hospital named Imam Zain-ul-Abideen (A.S) in Baltistan. Which a place of shias and this project fulfilled a lot of needs in health and treatment issues to this area.

The hospital is a section of Jaead-ulAiemah Society measuring (1000 msq), in Sundus which was welcomed by the Shias. For more this land was presented as a gift to his highness Syed Hakim by the people of this area. This hospital consists of many department, for example X-Ray, department, Common treatment for men and women department or section, and small operation section and as well as laboratory.

Delivery section is also one of the hospital's section. Which is tha most needed and is considered exceptional from other hospitals.

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