About Al Hikma Foundation

The lovers of Ahlul Bayt, in the recent years, have and are still witnessing unstable conditions. Therefore a need aroused for drastic measures to be taken. Al Hikma Foundation Pakistan, after relying on Allah Subhan Wa Ta'alah and Ahlul Bayt, under the esteemed supervision and guidance of the Marajiah Ayatullah Al Uzma Sayyed Muhammad Saeed AL Hakeem (Mu'tazilah) was able to take extreme measures concerning this complicated and hard mission.

The Foundation also has document of approval of all Mujtahideen. Al Hikma Foundation is actively participating in different welfare projects and activities in different areas of Pakistan.

The main focus of the foundation is to provide medicines to the Ulemas and students acquiring Islamic education. Apart from this, the foundation is also working in the field of education, construction of masajid and hospitals, helping momineens of flood affected areas and Tableegh-e-Deen. Alhamdullilah, we are pleased to say that we are gradually progressing and pray to progress further in our mission in future.

Our Mission

The main mission of our foundation is to serve humanity. We want to be side by side with momineens in times of grief, as well as joy all over Pakistan.

Our Vision

Our aim is to serve, educate and build the society in a way that the followers of Ahlul Bayt are prepared for the appearance of Imam E Zamana A.S.

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